KIPP Students Making Strides

Providing Safe, Structured, and Nurturing Environments is one of KIPP's core components and is paramount to ensuring KIPP students are successful. Teachers and staff work hard each day to make this possible. One new 6th grader exemplifies this need and the impact. This fall she started with poor school attendance. During the first four months of school, she was absent ten days and tardy seven days. The office manager, Mrs. Jackson, worked with her to develop independent systems to be on time. Her science teacher, Mrs. Javore, noticed that she started to become more invested in KIPP's system of tracking "Glows and Grows" behavior. She realized that being at school on time is an easy way to earn the "Glows" that led to privileges she craved, like attending "Zest Fest." As her absences decreased, her classroom engagement grew. Mrs. Javore notes that she is now "more willing to make mistakes and more willing to accept my feedback." She performed in the 19th percentile nationwide in science this fall, but caught up to grade level (53rd percentile) by midyear, based on MAP scores.


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