Opportunities Abound at KIPP Minnesota


Stephen is a 5th grader at KIPP North Star Academy and an eager, engaged learner. He and his classmates have enjoyed an action packed fall at KIPP. This year Ms. Bender's 5th grade class became the proud stewards of the KIPP School Garden. This responsibility provides a variety of learning opportunities for KIPPsters including science, nutrition, and math. Another exciting fall adventure was the one night camping staycation on the KIPP campus. KIPPsters slept in tents, cooked out, and solidified relationships with classmates and teachers as we launch the school year. Stephen says he is "very happy" at KIPP. He loves that he is able to experience new subjects like science, participate in wilderness adventures, and rely on teachers who care. Math is his favorite subject, specifically long division because he "feels good when I solve a problem and I know how to check my work! I used to get frustrated in Math but Ms. Bender helped me and then I began to trust myself and believe that I can do it. I just never give up!" 

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