Team and Family Spotlight - January 2019

Meet Quinton Alexander - a paraprofessional at KIPP North Star Academy. Quinton’s wife, Beverly, is also a paraprofessional at KIPP and their daughter, Damani, is in second grade at KIPP North Star Primary - quite the KIPP family!


Quinton began at KIPP North Star Academy at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, after working as the Dean of Schools for six years at another Minneapolis charter school. The Chicago native, referred to by students as Mr. Q, works one-on-one with David*, a special education middle school student. David’s learning challenges make it hard for him to focus on one task for longer than a few minutes. Quinton has devised ways to break up David’s work so he is able to complete tasks in an order that suits his needs and learning style.

Quinton says David isn’t the only one learning and his work with David keeps him flexible. “It’s just trying to make it work every day which is good for me.” Quinton plans to return to school to finish his bachelor degree in special education. He plans to take advantage of the newly developed partnership between KIPP Minnesota and Minneapolis College to support paraprofessionals as they pursue their personal education goals.

Quinton appreciates the atmosphere that KIPP provides. He saw multiple new students benefit from the loving, joyful, and personal environment at the beginning of the year. Quinton believes this care from staff is a huge aspect of being ready to engage at school and wanting to learn.

Mr. Alexander and Mr. Neal speak with a student.

Mr. Alexander and Mr. Neal speak with a student.

In addition to their commitment to supporting students, Quinton values the support and camaraderie of KIPP staff at his job. His coworkers have shown excellent compromise, collaboration, and communication. They show teamwork and deep listening, and try new strategies despite having reservations, which Quinton likes a lot.

“KIPP is a family. A very big family… It’s a nice positive atmosphere to be a part of.”

*David is a pseudonym.

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