Enrichment at KIPP


If you step foot on the KIPP Minnesota campus after 3 p.m. you might come across students cooking applesauce, double-dutching on the gym stage, or learning African American history with Mr. Stewart. All of these activities are part of our enrichment program, led by KIPP Staff and Minneapolis Beacons.

An integral part of the KIPP Minnesota mission is cultivating leadership skills to ensure students succeed in college and life. Enrichment is our time of day to explicitly cultivate those skills. Using the Beacons framework, we created a platform and structure to cultivate student choice and student voice.

Keeping our top three values in mind - joy, love, and resilience - enrichment creates an opportunity for KIPP students to discover their own passions so that they can purposefully map out their high school, college, and career plans.

  1. Joy: We want students to experience joy daily!  Allowing them to pick their activities for at least an hour a day contributes to joy in their daily school experience.

  2. Love: We want students to experience deeper relationships with their peers and adults in our building.  By providing a smaller group experience for students, with an adult who can know them in new and different ways, we believe our students will experience even more love at school.

  3. Resilience: Enrichment is a safe space for students to learn new things, whether that is robotics, drumline, or karate even if they aren't initially successful. When students have resilience they are open to learning because they believe that they can learn; they are receptive to assistance because it is not a criticism of their abilities; and they are comfortable not understanding concepts immediately because they see learning as a pursuit of knowledge. They know that motivation and effort are just as important as knowing how to do something.

Hear from KIPPsters themselves regarding what they like about enrichment:

“We get to do cool stuff and work together.” Jamil, 6th grade, Music enrichment

“It’s fun. We got to eat mint and spill soda. And getting new friends.” - David, 3rd grade, Science enrichment

We love experiencing joy with our students while they discover and do something they love! Most KIPP students would not have access to these types of opportunities if they weren’t being offered at our school, and we wouldn’t be able to offer these opportunities without the generous support of our donors.

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