Student Success Story - "I can and I will"

When Jordan started at KIPP North Star Primary as a fifth grader in 2017, he was years behind grade level. He struggled in all areas, most notably math, and basic concepts were really difficult for him, according to his math teacher Ms. Venishia Morgan. While he showed responsiveness to learning new things, he would disengage and get angry when he couldn’t grasp a concept or figure out a problem.

As the school year progressed he felt more comfortable among his KIPP family and accustomed to the way of the school, and he became invested in the activities and celebrations that KIPP has to congratulate students’ hard work and good choices. This motivated him to give it his all.

Ms. Morgan is impressed with his academic improvement and more positive and trusting attitude. He’s gone from immediately giving up on his work if he didn’t understand it “to the point where if he’s struggling, he’s open to getting help and he doesn’t want to give up. In comparison to last year when he would say, “Okay, forget it,” he now says, “Okay. I can and I will.”

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