Team and Family Spotlight - November 2018


Peg Kaplan is a busy woman. She’s a full-time realtor, a national title-winning bridge player, a photographer, and a supporter and volunteer for multiple nonprofits. She has a zeal and passion for every one of these endeavors that is inspiring. A Chicago native, Peg moved to the Twin Cities years ago to begin a doctoral program in philosophy at the University of Minnesota. She now lives in Minnetonka and works as a realtor.

Peg was first introduced to KIPP Minnesota in 2012 when a friend invited her to a school tour. She brought along her camera and requested to take photos of students. She walked away with some great snapshots, as well as another cause demanding her attention: educational equity.

As a strong believer in the power of education to change lives, Peg insists that a good education is a tide that will lift all boats: “Not only does it help the students, parents, and community, it helps everybody.” She believes and supports the KIPP mission and thinks that a good education is the most important thing a person can have to be successful, whether your definition of success is bound to money or not. Her commitment to education extends beyond schools. As a realtor, she emphasizes her responsibility to educate her clients as much as possible so they can make the best decision for themselves and their families.

Two fun facts about Peg:

  1. She holds 4 national titles in bridge. She has made friends with people from all over the world at bridge tournaments, and has played with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett!

  2. Her hero (from the 20th Century) is Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peg taking family portraits at Fall Family Night - September 2018

Peg taking family portraits at Fall Family Night - September 2018

We are grateful to have such a passionate and zealous supporter of our school! The support of Peg and the many others who donate their time and money to KIPP make a huge impact on our school. Thank you, Peg, for all the work you do to support KIPP Minnesota.

You may see Peg around campus snapping pictures, be sure to say hi!

Are you interested in supporting our mission? There are many ways you can contribute to KIPP Minnesota. Volunteer at a school event, attend a school tour, follow us on social media and share this article with your friends, or donate today.

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