Team and Family Spotlight - February 2019


Team and Family Spotlight - February 2019

 All her life, Bianca Emmons never thought she’d be working in a school. She received her bachelor’s degree from Augsburg University and her master’s degree from University of St. Thomas, both in social work. She was on track to have a more traditional career in social work but while working at a homeless youth shelter one day a colleague told Bianca that he could envision her as a school principal. Bianca’s reaction: “A school? No, thanks.” Little did she know, in just a few months’ time she would be working at KIPP Minnesota.

She applied for the Behavior Support Specialist position and even during her interview, after observing her potential work space and engaging with students, she was excited. She conducted some online research about KIPP –  its mission, its results, and its history – and was even more eager to get the job. She thought it was a perfect fit for her. Bianca started in October and her predictions were right: she loves it.

Reflecting on her decision to join the KIPP MN team and enter the field of education, Bianca said, “I look forward to coming here and it fills me up. I enjoy what I do here. It’s really nice to be in this space working with students.” She’s committed to the mission of KIPP: getting kids to and through college and career. And she believes the resources and the national network that KIPP has access to are greatly beneficial to student success.

Also, because she is a woman of color and there aren’t a lot of women of color in the education system, Bianca feels that her experiences, her perspective and her approaches bring something needed and beneficial to her classroom and her students.


Although she was born and raised in South Minneapolis, Bianca plans to move to the East Coast someday. However, since KIPP is a national organization with 224 schools across the country, she hopes to stay working in the KIPP network and one day assume a school leadership role.

When asked why she’s committed to KIPP and wants to stay with the network long-term, Bianca said, “The goal. The goal is to have our kids progress, go to college. KIPP Through College… Also the amount of professional opportunity that lies within KIPP. It’s a place where I’m able to excel.”


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