Our Approach

Rigorous academic preparation and holistic character development have been the focus of KIPP's middle schools since the first KIPP launched in Houston in 1994.  This dual purpose drives all aspects of our schools, shaping our college-going culture, extended school day and year, and curriculum.  It explains why our school leaders and all of our teachers ask so much of our students, yet also provide joyful experiences in exchange for commitment and hard work. 

“KIPP has been the solid foundation of support we needed to help springboard our daughter into a quality high school that will help further her education and prepare her for college and beyond. I love KIPP!”

— Lisa Dunlap, parent of two KIPP alumnae and member of the KIPP MN Board of Directors

KIPP Minnesota's primary goal is to prepare students for success in college and life. To do that, we are focused on ensuring our students develop both the academic skills and the character necessary to help them define what they stand for. Through a culture of high expectations, we seek to instill in our students the values of zest, curiosity, grit and optimism.

Our teachers are unified in doing what's best for students. Our teachers share best practices and collaborate as a school and with a powerful network of over 3,000 teachers nationally

Longer School Day

KIPP North Star Academy is a 5th - 8th grade college preparatory middle school. Our students have a longer school day (8:00am - 4:00pm) and quarterly Saturday school. That means our KIPPsters have more time studying core subjects each week. KIPPsters have more homework each night to reinforce their in-class experiences.

KIPP Through College

Eighth grade students are enrolled in the KIPP Through College Program which assists with high school placement, provides high school support, offers college counseling, and delivers college persisting advising.

Commitment to Excellence

KIPP students, staff, and parents sign a Commitment to Excellence agreement and hold each other accountable to it. KIPP believes all stakeholders must work together for student success.

Character Education

KIPP’s curriculum emphasizes character education. KIPP focuses on teaching our core values: Grit, Self-Control, Social Intelligence, Curiosity, Gratitude, Optimism, and Zest to help prepare students for college and for life.

Enrichment Classes

KIPP offers a variety of enrichment classes to encourage students to pursue new interests. Past enrichment class offerings have included: basketball, step, chess, web design, choir and more!

Team & Family Celebrations

KIPP students celebrate awards and honors, as well as participate in student performances. Families participate in school-wide events including Fall Family Night and Black History Celebration.


KIPP provides free transportation to our students from Minneapolis and surrounding communities.



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