Our Approach

Three guiding principles bring the school vision to life.




The first guiding principle is Brighter Every Day. Brighter every day means that students and staff operate with a growth mindset. When staff look at themselves, their building, their classrooms, their lesson plans, their interactions with each other and families, they ask themselves: Is this the best it could be? If not, what could be better? What improvements can be made in the next class period or the next interaction? KNSP staff operate with an urgent growth mindset because KNSP students can’t wait for staff to be brighter next year; they need to be brighter every single day.








Shine Your Light for Others has two distinct parts. The first is to Shine Your Light, meaning all students, all voices, and all unique needs are honored at KNSP. Each individual’s light makes the school’s collective light shine that much brighter. The second part is that students and staff shine their lights in service of others. KNSP is not succeeding unless all students and staff succeeding. The school’s success is not the success of one student, one teacher, one classroom, or one grade level, but the success of the community as a whole. Every student in every classroom will have an equal opportunity to leverage his or her strengths towards the greatest possible education through purposeful small group and paired instruction, thoughtful and student-driven discussions, and focus on student processes and efforts. Additionally, every teacher will receive strengths-based coaching to ensure growth and development on a personal and professional level.







The third guiding principle is Thinking that Illuminates. In order to be successful in the fast-paced, analytical, and technology-rich society of the twenty-first century, it is not enough to know facts and pass standardized tests. Students need to be able to know how to approach and solve problems in order to be successful through college and the world beyond. Therefore, instruction at KNSP will be driven by authentic learning experiences. Students will learn how to think, problem-solve, and process effectively. At KNSP, students will be challenged to think, write, and speak to draw conclusions, justify responses, and discover innovative solutions. 






What Makes us Special

  • Two teachers in each classroom to support individual student needs
  • Full time special education teacher for each grade level to meet student needs
  • School and classroom environments that respect and celebrate diversity
  • Supportive, safe classroom environments that use positive behavior systems
  • Daily small-groups in math and reading on students’ individual levels
  • KIPP Through College program supports kids from kindergarten through college graduation
  • Free transportation
KIPP teachers, KIPPsters, and families enjoyed Family Fun Night at Theo Wirth Park in September.

KIPP teachers, KIPPsters, and families enjoyed Family Fun Night at Theo Wirth Park in September.