Partner Spotlight: ACES

This fall KIPP joined forces with ACES to provide afterschool programming at KIPP North Star Academy. Now KIPPsters benefit from the 22-year-old program that provides intentional, project-based curriculum and learning experiences that bring together sports, math, and social-emotional learning for low-income students in grades 4-8 in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Most recently, KIPPsters went on a field trip to Winter Park, the MN Vikings' practice facility in Eden Prairie. The event was co-sponsored by 3M and focused on STEM education. KIPPsters were welcomed by Vikings punter Jeff Locke who introduced the topics of velocity and mass. After a brief video, students participated in running drills and timed their sprints at various distances. Then the group reconvened and focused on math to calculate velocity, mass, and energy. The event wrapped up with a behind the scenes tour of the weight room and locker room. There is nothing better than combining learning with fun and exercise with a professional athlete!

jamie scherleComment