Parent Spotlight: Michelle Davis

From left: Miracle, Kanya, Nypree, and Michelle 

From left: Miracle, Kanya, Nypree, and Michelle 

     When asked "Why KIPP?" Michelle explains that KIPP is the first school and still only school in Minneapolis that promotes college like she does. If Michelle had the chance to go to KIPP schools throughout her primary, middle, and high school, she would go all 13 years because she knows that it would have kept her on track to reaching her full potential. She believes that this is something that a lot of the schools in North Minneapolis lack.

     When asked what her "WHY" is, Michelle replied, "My why is equity - I think everybody should have equity and access. Everyone will have better educational opportunities which will lead to better housing, jobs, and a secure life. I want to help bring resources to families in order for them to have equitable opportunities." Michelle is now a full-time student at Minneapolis Community & Technical College studying community development. She is excited to apply her new knowledge in a way that advances equity in Minneapolis.

     Michelle would like to leave words of advice and encouragement to students in and beyond KIPP North Star: "You are your biggest fan and supporter. Greatness doesn't come easy - work hard for what you want. Be what you want."

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