School: KIPP North Star Academy
Address: 5034 N. Oliver Avenue, 
                  Minneapolis, MN 55430
Grades: 5, 6, 7, 8
Founded: 2008


Rigorous academic preparation and holistic character development have been the focus of KIPP's middle schools since the first KIPP launched in Houston in 1994.  This dual purpose drives all aspects of our schools, shaping our college-going culture, extended school day and year, and curriculum. It explains why our school leaders and all of our teachers ask so much of our students, yet also provide joyful experiences in exchange for commitment and hard work.

KIPP North Star Academy's goal is to prepare students for success in college and life. To do that, we are focused on ensuring our students develop both the academic skills and the character necessary to help them define what they stand for. We implement multiple stages in the learning process to ensure our students develop mastery in academics.

In addition to academic development, we offer enrichment activities 4 days a week to foster leadership skills and offer students the chance to experience love and joy while doing an activity that they themselves choose. Read more about enrichment here. For their hard work students are rewarded with Zest Fest every Friday and academic achievement celebrations every other week.

Teachers and KIPP Through College counselors work with eighth graders to prepare them for high school. Students take tours of local high schools, attend a high school fair in the fall, and have the direct and personalized attention of a high school transition counselor through our KIPP Through College program.

Our teachers are unified in doing what's best for students. We commit to putting students first, to remaining present and all in. We assume positive intent, embrace challenge and discomfort, and aim to be transparent, authentic and vulnerable. By embodying these traits and modeling what we expect to see from our students, we aim to live the KIPP Minnesota values of joy, love, and resilience every day at KIPP North Star Academy.

Without KIPP, I wouldn’t have as much skill and intelligence, I wouldn’t have as many doorways of opportunity, and I wouldn’t be able to even tell my story.
— Malcolm Yearby, KNSA '16, Breck School '20