School: KIPP North Star Primary
Address: 5034 N. Oliver Avenue,
                 Minneapolis, MN 55430
Grades: K, 1, 2, and 3 (adding 4th in fall 2019)
Founded: 2016


As a community school, KIPP North Star Primary is both a place and a set of partnerships. We seek the feedback, guidance, and support of parents, families, and community organizations to ensure that our building is an empowering and welcoming space.

In Spring 2018, we asked our school community what kind of school they wanted for their children. Parents and families told us four core values that they wanted to see espoused at KNSP: safety, love, challenge, and empowerment.


Our primary responsibility is our students’ physical and emotional safety. By setting clear expectations, having organized spaces and routines, and helping students resolve issues with a restorative process, we are creating a safe and comfortable space where students can learn social emotional skills to solve problems independently.


For our students to feel a sense of belonging in their school we must show them and tell them we love them, each and every day. We encourage students to identify their feelings and we place an emphasis on community within each classroom, each grade, and the school as a whole. We are committed to these practices so students know they are loved by multiple adults, they understand they have peers to support them in school, and they have familiar daily routines.


For our students to develop the tools they need to navigate adult life, they need to be challenged – academically and socially. Students set academic goals and are challenged to develop critical thinking skills and solve problems in our community. In order to understand that they direct their own learning, student voices are emphasized over teacher voices.


We recognize and celebrate the identities of our students. We reflect inwardly on our own identities, power, and positionality to carefully examine how they impact our work and our students and families. For our students to feel empowered and knowledgeable within their identities, we actively teach students about societal injustices which will impact them, such as racism. We celebrate every students’ identity and encourage them to celebrate the identities of one another.