School Environment

KIPP provides an environment with minimal distractions and more time for both academics and extracurricular activities, so students maximize their learning and love coming to school. Our schools provide a safe and nurturing culture where students feel not only protected from physical harm, but also comfortable expressing their ideas and opinions. KIPP teachers utilize a range of strategies (including restorative justice, trust circles, and peer mediators) to help foster a positive school culture and encourage children to develop self-control.

More Time Learning

KIPP knows that in school, as in life, reaching big goals takes time and effort. That’s why KIPP schools feature an extended school day and longer calendar year. With this additional time, KIPP schools help students catch up to their peers, acquire essential academic knowledge and skills, and become prepared for college and career choices.

KIPP’s longer day also allows time for children to experience key extracurricular programs such as art, music, and physical education. This not only increases the joy factor of the school day, it also fosters the development of lifelong passions.

From the moment I walked in the door i knew this was something special. The halls are quiet, classrooms are calm, teachers are welcoming and happy. It felt so different from the other schools my children attended”
— KIPP North Star Primary Parent

What Else Makes KIPP Different?