Our Supporters

We are grateful to all of our supporters who have helped provide the opportunity for our students to learn and excel. You gifts ensure that our students continue to receive the quality academic opportunities and character skills to be successful.

From all of us at KIPP Minnesota ~ Thank you!

$100,000 Plus

Carlson Family Foundation
Prospect Creek Foundation

$25,000 Plus

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Robins, Kaplan, Miller, & Ciresi Foundation for Children
The Minneapolis Foundation
WEM Foundation

Carolyn Foundation
Delta Airlines Foundation
Frey Foundation of Minnesota
General Mills Foundation
Mortenson Family Foundation

$5,000 Plus

Minnetonka Funding Group
Diana Nelson and John Atwater
Frank Nickell and Carol Hertling
William D. Radichel Foundation
Sauer Family Foundation
Smikis Foundation
Soran Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Sean Walker

Albright Foundation
Craig Bentdahl
Best Buy Foundation
Boston Scientific
Marta and Brian Drew
Geisler Family Foundation
Tom and Shelia Hayes
Sandy and Lee Hillis
James and Norma Leslie
Dick and Joyce McFarland

$1,000 Plus

Sally and John Ahlgren  
Melanie and Calvin Allen
Dario and Jeanne Anselmo
Julie M. and Douglas M. Baker Jr. Fund
Alison Ford Balan
Beltz, Kes, Darling & Associates
Judy Blaseg and John Engelen
Peg and Martin Carlson
Carlson Companies
Renee and Mike Carrel
Century Link
Caroline and Keith Correia
Beth and David Finch
Colleen and Greg Fletcher
Liz and Matt Furman
Allison and Scott Gage
Rochelle Gunn and Jim Mayer
Bobbi Hersch
James and Ann Howard
William and Kathleen Howard
Hubbard Broadcasting
Alison and James Hurley
J & B Group
Catherine and Kim Jackson
Mike and Holli Johander
Suzanne and Doug Kubach
Jeff and Brenda Laux
Chris and Becky Lobsinger
Linda Lonn
Chester and Roberta Lonnquist

Jane and John Lonnquist
Steve and Colleen Lucke
Karen and Doug McElrath
Bonnie and Lee McGrath
Medtronic Foundation
John and Karen Meslow
Sara Meslow and Paul Vahle
Lynnell Michelson and John Bellaimey
Walt and Virginia Moore
Dana and Mathias Mortenson
The Northern Trust Company
Janna and Jeff Northrup
Harriet and Bart Osborn
Abby and Doug Power
Laurie and Jon Pryor
Brenda Radichel Quaye
RBC Capital Markets
Jennifer and Mathias Samuel
Robbie Saunders
Audrey and Bob Scalia
Marianne and Richard Seidenstricker
Kristin and Ben Shane
Soran Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
David and Angela Swenson
Brent Trinacty
Wells Fargo
Jeff and Mary Werbalowsky
LeeAnn and Robert Whelan
Whitney Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Whole Kids Foundation
Jill and Scott Wine

Up to $999

Anonymous (2)
Alvin Abraham and Nick Nagurski
Ahman Airitam
Ameriprise Financial
Chas Anderson
James Archer
Teddy Archer
Danielle and Steve Arlowe
Richard Barth
Jim Bartholomew
Judith Belzer and Jeremy Walderman
Kara Bixby
Sharon Bloodworth
Elizabeth and Kevin Bowen
Kate Buckley
Chrissie Carver
Chris and Carrie Case
Maria Christy
A.J. Colianni
Ieesha Collins
Colorado Capital Management
Dana and Doug Cousins
Emma Crumley
Elizabeth Davenport
Bruce and Mary Davis
Karen Davis
Ursula Degenhardt
Bruce Engler
Mark Ericson
Misha Evertz
Heather and Brett Fenske
James Finch
Meredith and Lance First
Woodson Fountain
Kathryn Freeman
Kathy and James Ganley
Tim Geoffrion
Shari Gillund
Sarah Goullaud
Julie and John Greene
Roger and Sarah Grussing
Beth Haney and Scott Moore
Shar and Gary Hansen
Erin Gavin
Reynolds-Anthony Harris
Nick Hartley
Jeff Haydock
Brenda and Dave Heim
Eduardo Herrera-Mier
Kate Hildebrand
Liza and Brian Hill
Gerald Hoberman
Michelle Hoff and Christina Hennington
Kerry and Cara Holloway
Adam and Anna Holmes
Lisa Irvin and Matt Grimes
Mark Johnson and Laura Provinzino
Wade and Becky Jones
Claire Kaplan
Peg Kaplan
Ariana Kiener
Jeff Kolb
Matt and Katie Kramer
Michael and Hilary Kurhajetz
Jane Lansing
Annie Lebedoff
Lynn and Kelly Leibfried
Aaron Leventhal
Barbara and Greg Lewis
William Lomax
Jon Stumbras and Deborah Loon Stumbras
Bryan Lynch
Anna Lyon
Ellen and Dave Macdonald

Alyssa and Jim MacMiller
Julie and Marcus Maday
Kristina and Wiliam Matsch
Rick Matson
Janice McKinnie
McKnight Foundation
Carolyn Meza
Tom Meilenhausen
Danna and Joel Mirviss
Monarch Bus Service
William Nack
Makisha and Desmond Nation
Debbie Nauman
C. David Nelson
Leslie Newhouse
Gail Ngafua
Allison Nielson
Northside Achievement Zone
Micahel O'Connell
Christian Olson
Brendan O'Shea
Natalie Owens-Pike
Erin Palestrini
Dale Peterson
Steve and Jill Pieper
Lauren Pryor
Michael and Deb Pysno
Julia Quanrud
Allison Reese
Sophie and Andrew Rich
Nancy Rickmyer
Dale and Janet Riley
Barb and Larry Romanko
Robert Rubenstein
Dan Rutman
Michael and Ann Ryan
David and Ellen Safranski
Matthew and Amanda Salzwedel
Kathy and Terry Sandven
Gia-Hue Schendel
Cathy and Mike Schrock
Daniel Sellers
Stacy Seng
David Shane
Liz and Alec Sherod
Anne and Ryan Siess
Andy and Lana Slavitt
Vicky Slomiany
Schele and Phil Smith
Matt Sobieski
Rebecca Sorenson
Alicen Spaulding
Allen and Allison Spratt
Anne and Brian Stanchfield
Jillian Stockmo
Antoinette Strain
Kathleen Strombeck
Patricia Stuhlman
Thomas Taylor
TCF Bank
Avesh Thukral
Robin Toewe
Alexandra Tseffos
Renee Uzong and Charles Head
Kim Walker
Ware and Jack Washam
Aura Wharton-Beck and Joel Beck
Carrie and Keith White
Cam Winton and Emily Pryor Winton
James Winton
Julia Winton
Randolph Winton
Anna Youngerman
Milton Zlatic

In Kind Donations

Alvin Abraham and Nick Nagurski
Erica Ahlgren
Augsburg College
Alison Balan
Sydnee Bickett
Renee and Mike Carrel
Deephaven Elementary School
Heather and Brett Fenske
Hats & Mittens

Alison and Jim Hurley
Sherry Klemme
Mara LaRock
Peg Kaplan
Jane and John Lonnquist
Riley Hayes
Lisa and John Robinson
Christina Saunders
Maggie Linvill Smith
Target Foundation

Donor lists reflect gifts to KIPP Minnesota during the 2016-2017 fiscal year as of June 30, 2017. We regret any errors or omissions and ask that you contact Alison Ford at (612) 999-3020 with any questions or corrections.